All you should know about corporate gifting - 6 Critical Points

All you should know about corporate gifting in 2022 - 6 Critical Points

To put it in very simple words, corporate gifting serves as a well gratifying entry into the established world of bulk orders. The whole idea of corporate gifting is a well-acknowledged connotation in the corporate circles.

With the skyrocketing number of business sectors, the countless startups and the corporates beyond number struggling in their attempts at cementing the older relations, soldering the ones that need a patch up and establishing new connections, it’s a matter of morale & audacity to stay calm and balanced in this era of new gen doctrine!

So many new entrepreneurs joining the industry and the old ones struggling real hard to satiate their bunch of clients are an everyday scene!

Corporate gifting helps you strengthen the relationship with your customers by virtue of the concept of more the exposure, more the retention! The sequel to having a logo or your company brand name printed on and distributed to the customers, as a token of thanks has been an idea long practiced! We give this a more lively look by introducing innovative gifting concepts like mementos, mugs, key chains, clocks, coasters, visiting card holders, mouse pads, all well presentable to the customers.

This era where perfection is sought for the price paid, it has overtaken sentiments and long-term bonds. When a new variety of product at a reasonable price is procurable, there is often no second thoughts on giving upon their till then the favorite outlet.

Corporate gifting often comes in bulk orders which are of course an added advantage. It lets the manufacturers sell more of their products, all the more let the corporate purchase products at a really low rate. However, dealing with the products as if on a retail is important to make sure that all products are perfectly checked in for customer use!

Certain points are very crucial when it is “corporate gifting” that we are dealing with.

1) One hundred percent assurance of the quality of the products-

The best of material must go into the making of corporate gifts, as they are a representation of the enterprise printed on them.

2) Have a clear idea of what is best for who

Gifting endeavors’ have a lot to do with the class and sect of people you deal with. For instance, one who observes Christmas is less likely to relish your catalog on Ramadan. So knowing customers taste and inclination and approaching them the right time with our brochure is one very important step.

3) Always put your brain and heart into the idea of gifting

This is an area that can let you reach great heights; provided you put your heart and soul into your work of delivering the best. Let the young brains churn up refreshing ideas that shall leave the customers awestruck.

4) Let your imagination go vivid on gift-wrapping

Glazing glittering wrapping papers are not mandatory to make a present look” more like a present”. Even a simple wrap in a satin cloth with a ribbon bow can add elegance to your gift. Give your corporate partners the feel that the most subtle aspects of gifting were well taken care of.

5) Safer transportation

Yeah! This point is valid enough coz we would suggest you present your orders by hand rather than having them send through your logistics partner. This strengthens the bond of the relationship you might possibly share for a very long time.

6) Consider each item of the bulk as a separate present.

Make sure to have a separate packaging for each product because though sold to the corporate on a bulk basis; these shall reach their customers in countable numbers, maybe just one or two. Making sure that that the corporations do not have to spend time on the wrapping would definitely let them slide towards your service.

N.B: Do not forget to keep a handwritten note saying “Thank You” It counts!! For the many, we know.

Muhammed Nidhash

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