Startups - A longer time frame always helps!

Startups - A longer time frame always helps!

Starting a new venture is not in the guts of many. It’s a measure of immense courage  to quit a full time job with well paid salary and choose what your heart says! And even more guts to stick on to the enterprise for years ahead.

Even more intriguing is the fact that your startup is never going to be an overnight success! You might get a couple of customers, people may talk about you for a while, you’ll find users, have new connections, your product might get better, but trust me, its not going to make  a clean sweep on the launch day or for that matter, in the launch month!

And yes, not to mention your blogs, your first 100 articles might go unread! There might me great posts which unfortunately many might not read, and there shall be amateur posts coz you are just starting up. Yet you may continue to follow your ethic and work code adapted, publishing more blog articles on a weekly or monthly basis!  

So, if you want to nail it, innovate and expose yourself, accept the very idea that all entrepreneurial ventures are risky!

And the best part is, the broader time frame idea is never a bad one! It simply means you get enough time to explore new concepts, the freedom to try and fail .Trust me, these are those worthy years that took you to make the best and finest products which shall once capture the entire crowd! When you are not restrained by immediate measure of your success, you shall never fear the”sudden failure”.

In fact hypersonic success has no background, no foundation or experience in their area of work as the rest have. Because they believe they have reached the epitome in an eyes blink, which unfortunately they haven’t! Having to wait for the right time to come to celebrate our success is not in the vein of many!

If you opt a wider time frame, you are giving yourself more time to win! A startup that has short term plans and focuses on an immediate success is less likely to be triumphant in their endeavor. They crash, they fail. Because for those fast forwarding to their final line, all that matters would be a, a quick recognition , quick pay off. No subtle aspects of the venture would be taken care of. And they shall soon be replaced by the better ones. Failure to accept that “turning richer soon” isn’t that easy, shall come hit the short frame ones like a storm. Things will go wrong everyday-don’t panic. Expect it, roll it, solve it, and get over it!

Any startup would have started by sorting out the one idea from those 1000’s of designs that have tinkered around in the founders head! And in no time a founding team would have gathered around this abstract idea..and then time hurls and decides if they collapse, adapt or grow!

Well, someone rightly said” non experts have the advantage of not being constrained by the accepted wisdom!” it’s easier to think out of the box when you really don’t have an idea where or what the box is!”

It’s up to each of these startups to take advantage of this situation ,come up with their peculiar  modus operandi and have manpower to work  efficiently ,stress free with a lot of patience and the right amount of confidence!

 “It really is okay to get a lot of shit wrong , that’s fine, its acceptable, it’s a part of life. It really is ok to make the wrong call as long as you are self aware enough to realize it down the track!”
--Jon Westerberg

Ahamed Sajid

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