All about our Personalized Mugs

All about our Personalized Mugs

Personalized mugs are a beckoning product. Especially the touch of creative ideas sought into the making of your personalised mug, be it with the photos or beautiful wordings meant for your special someone/family or friends, a mere mug transforms itself into a “mug of memories”.

The contribution of a printed mug in recollecting those personal moments, enticing a thrilling touch whenever you sip out a drink can at no time be compared to any other personalized options available.

When you wish to become the owner of some bewitching personalized mugs, there are quite a few options:

  • Go to the store, choose from the limited options, personalize, purchase and deliver them to the recipient.
  • Or, a better option would be to tumble upon an online store that may offer you a variety of products at a reasonable rate and all the more retain the element of surprise by directly delivering the gifts at their doorsteps.

This article will throw light on some of the photo mugs online. Amazingly adorable photo mugs can be personalized with your creative bunch of ideas. These could be easily uploaded and in a minutes time, your order shall be processed.

In the below video, we have Zenia from Wisholize, demonstrating the merits of a personalized 11 oz mug. Personalising the photo of your choice on a rich coloured ceramic mug would earn you anyones love. With an approximate capacity of 320ml, these mugs won’t cease to amaze you with their dishwasher and microwave safe features. As shown in the video, the mugs can be printed from top to bottom and accomodate multiple number of photos. The more interesting fact being that these can be used on a daily basis. Any amount of repeated rinsing and washing with washing liquid shall cause no damage to the print or quality of the mug.

If you have a kid crazy about animals, we have an amazing collection of animal handle mugs, adding to the duet presentation, if uniqueness is what you crave for. For the little ones out there, we have small volume ceramic mugs, to be able to clasp them tightly with those little fingers. Personalising them with the kiddos pic shall leave an everlasting smile on their face.

Then there is this magic mug, one of a kind, where the photo mug showcases the imprinted photo only when a hot liquid is poured into them. Its a ceramic mug of high quality with an approximate capacity of 320 ml.

Your day would undoubtedly be happily if started with a sip of coffee from the self personalized mug.

Muhammed Basheer


Muhammed Basheer

Great Article it its really informative and innovative keep us posted with new updates. its was really valuable. thanks a lot.

Muhammed Basheer

Thanks for sharing.

Muhammed Basheer

Drinking coffee in personalized mugs make a day. To meet the dynamic requirements of customer many mug seller have integrated mug design tool so as to allow the customer to design and buy their favorite mugs online.

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