Kids and piggy banks

Kids and piggy banks

Children are eager to learn as they grow, so it’s important for parents to teach their children positive lessons about money from a young age. When saving money becomes part of a child’s normal development, saving for the future is likely to become a habit. Early financial education can be the first step on the road to financial freedom. 

There are several ways to teach children the value of money and the wisdom of saving. The most effective way is to introduce them to the iconic piggy bank. Our custom piggy banks are a classic gift idea for children of all ages. These money banks can be personalised with your choice of text and pictures and is also accompanied with music and rotation which make it enliven. 

On their special occasions choose to gift them a money saving kit. A gift that helps young people understand money will keep giving long after the wrapping paper is discarded.

As early as age two, children can be taught to put coins through the tiny slot. The very thought of filling it up will keep them excited and intrigued. Provide them with trifling tasks which they can accomplish. Reward them for the same thereby inducing them to save. This practice develops the sense of putting value on money and how small coins serve a worthy purpose.                          

While the thought of feeding the pig with coins is fun for a while, the child can eventually learn the real purpose of saving money. The mere thought that the coins make up a larger sum of money, the child can appreciate that each cent matters. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single penny.

Once the piggy bank is full, the parent and the child can sit together to count the money and suggest how to spend it. May be it is for a new toy, book, or any other small wants of the child. Obtaining something with one’s own sweat and the very act of saving up for it creates a big impact on the child. This bustle teaches the child patience and willingness to save money.

The discipline of saving money starts at a very young age and stays with the child for a long time. The parent’s effort to teach a child to save money can help define his outlook on spending at a very young age.  Without any doubt this is that lesson no parent must forget to edify their child with. “Don’t give them the gift of life but the gift that make their life“. Nothing’s as meaningful as giving them something useful to build their future.

So let’s mark the beginning by presenting personalised piggy banks to our kiddos during this Christmas. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Muhammed Basheer

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