Business card holders - A highly effective corporate promotional product

Business card holders - A highly effective corporate promotional product

Now is the era where major deals are finalized over emails and text messages, major agreements signed online, and hence maintaining a close business relationship is not in the guts of all. It might just get trickier by day.

The idea of corporate gifting has been around since time immemorial with the usual diaries, and pens as the go to go gifts. But now with the changing world in here, everything from a pen to pen drive is getting personalized, and for sure business is no exception.

Weaving a wave of personalization, we introduce metallic silver card holders that will leave the recipient awestruck. Card holders are a very subtle way of delivering gratitude as they come out often In a simple design. They ease the burden of carrying a bulging wallet and let u organize things neatly. Handing over a crisp and neat business card that comes out of a meticulously designed card holder has value beyond words can explain. And what more, if the cardholder has your name printed in bold with the designation there, it just adds on to the purpose served. This is exactly what we do at; we deliver meticulously designed silver card holders with a click opening notch to ease your purpose.

The cardholder, personalized in forms unpredictable serve a lot of purposes.

  • As an advertisement

Spending money on any promotional product is most likely to provide you a very good return on your investment compared to bench ads and billboards. The latter often needs a lumpsome amount of money and has the disadvantage that they are static stuffs that need mobilization of people to the particular spot to achieve the desired results. Billboard doesn’t move around!

This is exactly where a promotional product comes into play. They travel along with people from place to place especially a card holder, which comes in handy and compact enough to be carried around easily. It’s like a walking/dynamic billboard that showcases your company logo/brand name. They promote your company in a way you cannot imagine and result in gaining potential customers who shall spread the word to others.

  • As an incentive

Who says business gift ideas need to be only those diaries and pens! Visiting card holders unlike other personalized gifts have this advantage of being small and handy enough, delivering happiness each time it’s taken out to see their name and designation embedded in bold. Gifting your fellow team mates a personalized card holder with visiting cards stuffed in, is sure to make them elated and oblige them to contribute more to the company. It’s a win and win situation.


Building a corporate rapport isn’t as easy as it seems. If you fail to put enough thought into selecting the right gifts from the shelf, it would directly reflect on the importance you shower at your fellow recipient. But many online stores have addressed this issue by designing intriguing gifting ideas for corporate market. Let’s not forget to let our business partners know how much their service means to us.


Muhammed Basheer

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