Best Birthday Return Gift Ideas

Best Birthday Return Gift Ideas

Having your kid’s birthday party coming up? Are you confused on what to give as return gifts to those who attend? Whatever the preparations, a party is never complete without a suitable gift to all the sweeties who made your kid’s birthday a memorable one.

Birthday parties are all about gifts. From the birthday champ to the guests present, everyone would be more than elated to get a gift. Here, I will be briefing about few best sorted gifting ideas, suggesting some readily available gifts in our store.


Saving starts from childhood.  Let your little one save the first penny in unique personalized piggy banks with their smiling face framed around it. Indeed their smile is your greatest joy. You can have a thank you note or your kid’s photo or special designs printed on it.


  • Customised T-shirts

Create customized t-shirts as per your child’s favourite colour or theme colour. Have your child’s photo or other prints or quotes printed on them that will motivate the kids.


  • Stationary Kits

Kids love stationary. Put together a kit containing pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, crayons and wrap them up beautifully. They are going to jump with joy. This is one return gift kids and the mother will both appreciate.


Let your loved ones figure out those pieces of memories . A Jigsaw puzzle of your special moments together is a subtle way of gifting your memories to your guests.


  • Party Theme Dress Up

Children loves dressing per theme. Give away accessories that match the birthday theme like crowns, bands, shields, hats etc. Kids can wear them as they enter the party.


  • Personalised Gifts

Another great idea is to give gifts for each participant with their name or photo on it. For this you will need a list of all the attendees prior to the party so that you can prepare the gifts beforehand. There are plenty of options like mugs, backpacks, caps, water bottles, key chains, cushions etc.


These are low cost options you can find to please the cuties. High quality wooden and metal keychains can have photos of your kid imprinted on it with a thank you note or a quote or theme designs. Name key chains can be designed as per your theme with a hash tag or other text engraved or carved on it.


Fridge magnets are often whimsical add on for our refrigerator doors. Let it hold the memories of your kid’s birthday party.


Water bottles are always a good companion be it while traveling, at office or school. Imagine when it comes printed with something appealing. Kids will cherish such a gift for ever. Moreover they can use it on a daily basis too.


  • Gender Specific Gifts

 If you find it difficult to get a gift suitable for both girls and boys, it is better to find separate gifts for them. Thus you get gifts more suited for your guests. For girls, gifts like hair bands, bracelets, make up kits are favourable and for boys, gifts like watches, wallets, game accessories will work well.



Customize the appearance of this cute travel companion with choices limited only by your imagination. Design the image as per the birthday theme and wow the kids. 


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Muhammed Nidhash

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