Do you really celebrate Independence Day??

Do you really celebrate Independence Day

Independence Day is said to be celebrated every year on 15th august throughout the country. It is indeed a special day for us Indians. It is on this day in the year 1947, our motherland earned her independence from the British. A day of pride, glory and gratitude to our brave freedom fighters.

 As I mentioned in the very first line, it is ‘said to be’ celebrated every year. But do we actually celebrate Independence Day? For most of them out there it is just any other holiday. We celebrate our birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s etc. But it is sad that we fail to notice our national festival. Independence Day ought to be celebrated with ‘dhoom-dhaam’ as it is the day we came in possession of our freedom.

But it still remains a question mark as to what we can do to make this day special. If you don’t have the little of the idea, PLEASE DO SCROLL DOWN.

  • Organize a get together to remember the martyrs. Decorate the venue in tricolour. Arrange dramas relating to our glorious history. Play a patriotic song and last but not the least, hoist our flag.
  • Sending patriotic gifts to your near and dear ones making them notice the noteworthy day. If you are staying far away from them, you can send your gifts with the help of online portals, like WISHOLIZE.COM. This online store helps to send gifts all over India.
  • Hosting a movie show is one other idea. Movies like swadesh, rang de basanti, lagan, Gandhi etc is worth watching on this day. It definitely can awake the patriotic in you.
  • Sometimes it might be difficult to host a movie show. Never mind, you can gift them with the CDs of those movies.
  • Flying a tri colour kite with your friends can be all the more fun. It is kind of showing the world that we are celebrating our freedom.
  • Another sensible gesture can be gifting your friends or younger ones with famous patriotic books. Some of them are listed below.
    • Shaheed Bhagat Singh
    • Walking alone
    • The trial of Mangal Pandey
    • Reflections of an extra ordinary era
    • Jai hind
  • Create awareness among the younger generation through fun games, stories, dramas etc. It is our responsibility to make sure that they never ever forget this day in future. Provide them with return gifts like patriotic CDs, books, songs, or even photo frames of famous leaders.

 So hope you guys have got an idea about how to make your freedom day a special one. Let’s not forget to celebrate this exceptional day and show our pride of being an INDIAN. JAI HIND!!!

Muhammed Nidhash

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