The employees in focus - How to treat them right

The employees in focus - How to treat them right

Any team leader with some experience would undoubtedly know the kind of attention and appreciation deserved by his/her fellow team mates on the success or launch of a project. The kind of positive energy that emanate when a person is honoured for his work in fact doubles up an individual’s output. Now is the era of materialisation where a token of appreciation is welcomed with open hands, be it the young charming entrepreneur, or the age old business advisee. Everyone for that matter is all elated to be at the receiving end!

To keep up the spirits of young champs, to motivate and stirrup their energy, its good enough if you could please them with a small token of appreciation. If chosen wisely, gifts can be a fitting recognition!

Certificates acknowledging their dedication and amount of work done in comparison can help instil a feel of healthy competition amongst the employees, thereby increasing the productivity without them feeling the stress. Be it in the monthly review meetings, orientation and reassessment, supervision and correction programs, training sessions, annual performance meetings, the list goes on and trust me the best mode to get the maximal out of your employees are to keep them in a happy and vibrant environment!

Well, these meetings are not all that provides a platform for the same, celebrating the special occasions of the employees or team heads can sure stir up their draining energy! Dedication comes from a happy and fulfilled heart, and victorious are those who have a constant quest for success.

In any business, setting up benchmarks is one thing, but crossing them is not in the morale of many! Here’s where the whole concept of personalized gifting comes. A coaster or a keychain with their names engraved is definitely going to make their bond much stronger, instilling in them a perception of being a part and thereby the feeling of ownership which is a major factor in deciding a person’s work efficiency!

This is where Wisholize comes into scene! We offer key chains, mugs, travel bottles, coasters, mementos and a lot more! The showstopper being the discount rates especially if on a bulk order! Wisholize shall never cease to amaze you. That’s our promise as we begin our journey today!

Muhammed Nidhash

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