Gift the right gift

Gift the right gift

Haven’t there been those times in your life when you’re really confused and sometimes even totally lost on what to gift for the different occasions that keep coming up through the year? The vastly spread gift stores and multitude of online gift options only add fire to our confusions.  We all want to be a great gift giver.  A gift giver who is known to pick the right gifts.  A gift giver, whom friends admire and relatives envy for being the best. Picking the right gift is an art and not everyone is a master at it. But how can we become one?

Knowing some simple tricks can help you excel in this case. So, here are some simple ways to help you dot on the right gift for any occasion, no matter who the recipient is.

1) Firstly, know your budget limit.

It can help to limit your choice to choose a gift that suits your budget. Deciding on your budget will help you to narrow your choice from the overwhelming to the manageable. It can also save you from the disappointment of choosing a gift outside your budget line.

2) Enquire to a Third Party

It can be helpful if u ask person’s friends, colleagues and family about their interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes . This would help you narrow down the options to a particular category and chose from them easily.

3) Talk to them

Talk to them in that way to get that answers you want. Mold your questions to shape their answers. Most of the time, people tend to reveal their wants and interests just by the things they say and do. And sometimes, just listening closely to them can give you numerous clues about their interests and needs.

4) Sneak into their social networking sites.

As our world is shaping into a digital one we all leave our digital footprints on our social profiles. Snooping the recipient's Facebook and Pinterest wall will help you dot on that gift you must present.

5) Include a little bit of yourself

Make it personal in a way that you have a mark of yourself on the gift. It can be a poem or few words that describe the receiver. It can make your gift unique and ultra personalised.

6) Tackle one’s emotions

Every human being love reliving their beautiful past. Sneak peek into their past unforgettable memories and make them a part of your gift. It can be their childhood photographs or any special events in their life imprinted on a keychain, pillow, wall clock or even simple frames.

7) Go straight.. ask them.

Though many may think it inappropriate to ask someone what they would want for a gift, it’s not such a bad idea after all. Sometimes it may not be suitable in some cases were they might get offended. but with close friends and family, it is an option. It’s an excellent option for kids who are almost always ready with their wish list and will be extremely eager to tell you all they want. This can help you give them what they actually want.

So, now that you have jotted down your views studying your receiver, it’s time to start brainstorming ideas in that niche. Give that gift which they can cherish throughout their life. Happy gifting!

Ahamed Sajid

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